August 23rd, 2014
Name Day: Vitālijs, Ralfs, Valgundis
The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia is inviting small and medium-sized enterprises, business incubators and organisations in the Nordic and Baltic regions to apply for participation in mobility programme for Business and Industry, established with the aim of fostering economic co-operation, strengthening regional ties and innovation development in the Nordic and Baltic regions. Within the framework of the mobility programme, co-funded by the Nordic and Baltic governments, business and industry entities and businesspersons in the Nordic and Baltic countries (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania) can receive financial support for the development of educational visits and co-operation networks. Applicants selected to participate in the programme will have 70% of travel expenses, accommodation and travel insurance covered. Applications will be accepted until 30 September 2014. Read more > >
Which Nordic country is the most sustainable?

Where is there most poverty? Who are the best educated? Which country pollutes the least? Take the temperature of the sustainable Nordic Region in a new database from the Nordic Council of Ministers: >>

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