About us

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia, founded in 1991, has a central role in facilitating and implementing Nordic cooperation with Latvia. The Office is collaborating with national and regional institutions, NGOs and Nordic diplomatic representations, carrying out projects in various fields, including Nordic and EU projects and joint Nordic-Baltic projects.

Latvia’s line ministries engage in cooperation with Nordic countries due to activities by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Latvian officials take part in the Nordic Council of Ministers working groups, meetings, seminars and conferences, and Latvia’s institutions launch joint projects with the Nordic Council of Ministers.

Various sectors participate in cooperation with the NCM via the mobility programmes and various projects. The activities of the NCM Office in Latvia are regulated by the Guidelines for the Nordic Council of Minister's cooperation with Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania with the following priority areas:

- Education, research and innovations;

- Business, cluster networks and creative industries;

- Environment, climate and energy, environmental conditions in the Baltic Sea, effective environmental technologies and the development of renewable sources of energy;

- The international challenges faced by society (fight against human trafficking and the spread of HIV/AIDS; improving co-operation between police forces and public prosecution services; developing hospital services, and addressing demographic challenges);

- Cross-border regional co-operation to promote joint fundamental values, such as democracy, good governance, gender equality, freedom of speech and tolerance – both under Nordic-Baltic auspices and in relation to other neighbouring countries, including Belarus.


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