In Riga Nordic Polititians Raise Awarenes About International Challenge - Human Trafficking

On 1st and 2nd of June 2015 in Riga the Nordic Council Citizens and Consumer Rights Committee will hold its summer session, during which Nordic politicians will meet with a number of Latvian state and non-governmental institutions in order to talk about the international challenge - human trafficking, which concerns almost every country in the world. Nordic politicians will meet with the NGO " Shelter" Safe House "" representatives and will discuss opportunities for cooperation in combating trafficking, as well as the representatives of  Resource Center for Women "Marta" in order to get acquainted with the experience in rehabilitating victims of trafficking. Similarly, Nordic politicians will meet with Latvian State Prosecutor's Office, the Ministry of Welfare , Ministry of Interior and National Police agents representatives. Separate sessions planned with the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council of Ministers Office Latvia.