Nordic-Baltic NGO program 2010 – supported projects

In 2010, the Nordic Council of Ministers has granted 46 500 LVL to nine projects within the Nordic-Baltic NGO program.
Four of the supported projects focus on environmental education. The initiative “Think green, live green!” implemented by the CEMEX Opportunity Fund for Brocēni and Saldus Region will consist of seminars and other activities educating children, youngsters, their parents and teachers about environmental issues.

The Support Centre for Child and Family “Hand in Hand” has already implemented a project called “Children for a greener Latvia”, where children from high social risk families were given the opportunity to acquire nature-related skills, such as planting of trees, explore nature through hiking and other activities. The project “Sustainable consumption – network of parents and children” was submitted by the NGO “Solution Workshop”, with a mission to educate primary school children about sound consumption  habits and energy saving practices which could be applied in their families. Another environmental venture, “The exchange of best practices regarding natural and renewable energy in Sweden, Latvia and Estonia”, was devised by the Latvian National Association for Consumer Protection. A seminar has been organised about the best practices regarding renewable energy resources with the participation of regional consumer protection organisations. Later on, the good examples will be promoted via publication of fact sheets.
The NEXT-Association with its project “NEXT society” intends to strengthen civic society in Latvia through active youth participation and youth policy development. The project “Strengthening Baltic orienteering NGOs by transfer of Nordic experience and know-how” by the Sports Club “Mežaparks” will result in the publication of a manual for orienteering coaches and an education seminar for the members of Baltic orienteering clubs. The Latvian Umbrella Body for Disability Organisations SUSTENTO will promote environmental accessibility in tourism and provide equal opportunities for recreation for all travellers via its project “Fostering the development of environment accessibility in Latvia”, where Nordic associations for people with disabilities are involved. The Association of Supervisors with the supported initiative “Profesional advocacy of clients with children” wants to improve the ability of their clients who have children to function in society and to know their legal entitlements.
The project “Genetic resources of rare farm animal breeds in market” implemented by the NGO “Livonian Agro LV” will try to prevent the extinction of rare animal breeds which are currently endangered in Latvia.



The Nordic-Baltic NGO program aims to foster cooperation between Nordic and Baltic NGOs, strengthening the civic society and providing support to new sustainable initiatives.The next application round within the Nordic-Baltic NGO program will be announced in spring 2011. More information available on the website of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia: