Nordplus – new programme period from 2012

The Nordic Council of Ministers has extended the Nordplus programme for the period of 2012-2016. Some of the aims for the new programme is to strengthen and develop Nordic cooperation in education, and also between the Nordic and Baltic countries. The programme will contribute to develop quality and innovation in the educational systems for Life Long Learning (LLP) in the participating countries. The programme will also promote Nordic languages. One change is that the sub programme Nordplus Nordic Language and Culture will be included in Nordplus like the other programmes. This means that Baltic countries can apply for funding through the language programme. The call for proposals is now available, and the application deadline is the 1st of March 2012.

Nordplus consists of the following five sub programmes:

 Nordplus Junior
The Nordplus Junior Programme is about classes visiting their counterparts, and by that removing the borders of the classroom walls. Developments of new projects and job-switching for teachers between schools are also examples of the activities in the programme.

Nordplus Higher Education
The Nordplus Higher Education Programme offers possibilities which include students, teachers as well as other staff involved in teaching and education of specific Nordplus activities.
The programme comprises mobility grants for students and teachers, intensive courses for students to experience more than the usual classroom, teachers learning from each other and networking activities for developing innovative projects. These are the main activities of the Nordplus Higher Education Programme.

Nordplus Adult
The programme supports networking, collaboration and exchanges between actors from the Nordic and Baltic countries, whether in formal, non-formal or informal adult learning. The overall objectives of the Nordplus adult programme are: to strengthen adults key competences and recognition of adults informal and non-formal learning; to support adult education and learning to meet the challenges of modern citizenship, with special focus on adult teacher education and multiculturalism; to strengthen the link between adult learning and working life.

Nordplus Horizontal
The programme supports innovative projects spanning from traditional categories and sectors to new, different, broader or more complex issues and challenges. The programme targets all institutions and organisations which have education and lifelong learning as their main objective.

Nordplus Nordic Languages
Nordplus Nordic Languages Programme supports activities aimed at strengthening the Nordic neighbouring languages, and promoting knowledge about Nordic cultures, languages and ways of life. The programme is open to both the Nordic and Baltic countries.