Nordic Stories for Latvian readership

A new web magazine under the title Nordic Stories (Ziemeļu Stāsti) was released on 4 February on

Nordic Stories will be issued twice a month every other Thursday, compiling articles written in Latvian by various authors who all share a common interest in Nordic countries.  

The local audience will be offered stories about their contemporaries who live „up there” in the seemingly faraway North, who enjoy the benefits of a well-established Nordic model, who pay the highest taxes in the world and see themselves as dutiful embodiments of the world's conscience. These are stories about the Nordic life-style which is regarded with a contradictory mixture of emotions: from envy and downright imitation to the criticism of being too predictable and boring.

The first issue of the Nordic Stories features an article from the Nordic Council of Ministers’ yearbook Copyright Norden, a brief introduction on the Nordic model by Imants Gross (Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia), and a number of stories covering such themes as telemedicine in Sweden, the parallels between New Nordic Food and Latvian Modern Cuisine, etc.

» Read the introductory story Homo Nordicus, a Paradoxical Figure by Marie-Laure le Foulon (from Copyright Norden)