Find out more about social gender roles

A book and a study material for pre-school children on the issue of socially defined gender roles has been published in close cooperation between the Ministry of Welfare and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. The material has been translated from Danish into Latvian and adapted according to the Latvian situation.
The study material for teachers and other professionals working with pre-school children is designed to create a debate about gender roles, to mainstream gender equality in their daily work and to serve as a self-reflection tool for teachers themselves.
The book is focusing on the different expectations put on girls and boys by adults, and it can be used to initiate a dialogue with children. Regardless of gender, children should have equal opportunities to choose their plays and playing partners. The book does not advocate the abolition of gender differences – it simply calls for an equal chance for boys and girls alike to develop their skills.

In addition, it is planned to train teachers, parents and methodologists to work with the book and to promote equal opportunities for boys and girls in a pilot kindergarten.

For more information please contact Daina Mežecka, tel. 67211506, e-mail or Gundega Rupenheite, 67021625, e-mail