Eco-labelling – an efficient tool for entrepreneurship

State enterprise Environmental projects Ltd. (SIA Vides projekti) and the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia invite to a seminar Eco-labelling – an efficient tool for entrepreneurship, taking place on Friday, 12 November at 9:00 at Albert Hotel, 33 Dzirnavu Str. in Riga.
Prospective seminar participants are representatives from enterprises and organisations of various fields, especially those who are interested in developing their entrepreneurial activities in the Nordic countries and in acquiring the Nordic eco-label Green Swan. At the seminar information will be provided on the main principles of green procurement and the tools for calculating its feasibility, as well as on the environmental management systems and on eco-labelling in general. 
The second part of the seminar will offer advice on the Green Swan eco-label in particular – its feasibility and practical reccommendations for its acquisition, as well as tips on what entrepreneurs should take into consideration when expanding their business up north. Advisor of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office, Kārlis Valters, will tell the participants about the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme, whose aim is to strengthen and foster economic and regional cooperation, entrepreneurship initiatives and innovation in the Baltic States and in the five Nordic countries.
Seminar participants are kindly asked to register by 10 November at or by submitting a completed registration form to project manager Aija Zučika:
No participation fee; working languages – Latvian and English. Seminar moderator - journalist Sandijs Semjonovs.
Green Swan is the official Nordic eco-label with an aim to significantly reduce the negative impact of everyday consumption on the environment by helping the consumers to choose ”green” or environmentally friendly goods and services and by motivating entrepreneurs to manufacture environmentally friendly products.