Nordplus call for proposals 2013

The Nordic Council of Ministers’ programme Nordplus makes funds available for cooperation within education in the Nordic and Baltic areas. Application deadline is 1 March 2013. Nordplus shall contribute to the strengthening and development of Nordic cooperation in education as well as contribute to a Nordic-Baltic education area. The programme shall develop quality and innovation in the educational systems for life-long learning in the participating countries, and contribute to cooperation between education and working life. The programme shall also contribute to use and promotion of the Nordic languages.
All activities are available for applications. There is a continuous focus on cooperation between education and working life, as well as project applications in the area Nordic languages (through the sub-programme Nordplus Nordic language). This programme is open for Baltic participation as well. One important change for Nordplus applicants in 2013 is that a new web-system for applications, Espresso, will be introduced. This will open for registration 14 January 2013.

Nordplus consists of the following five sub-programmes:
Nordplus Junior
Nordplus Higher Education
Nordplus Adult
Nordplus Horizontal
Nordplus Nordic Languages


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