Annual Summit of the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council on 7-9 December 2011 in Reykjavik

The Baltic and Nordic parliamentarians will meet on 7-9 December 2011 in Reykjavik for the Annual Summit in order to review the progress of mutual activities and set priorities for future cooperation.
20th anniversary of the regained independence of the Baltic States and the Baltic parliamentary cooperation is also the time for evaluating the cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council. It has been close for all these years, nevertheless it is worthwhile to update the cooperation according to the current situation, by especially strengthening and accelerating the mutual activities on the EU and international level. The effectiveness of mutual cooperation would be enhanced by closer cooperation with the governmental partners: the Baltic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Council of Ministers and the NB8 Foreign Ministers.

During the Annual Summit the Baltic and Nordic parliamentarians will reflect on 20 years of Baltic independence and discuss the following agenda items:
- promoting relations with the EU's Eastern neighbours. While the Nordic Council has mainly been involved with the EU's Eastern neighbours - Belarus and the Russian Federation, the Baltic Assembly has developed close cooperation with the GUAM countries - Georgia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan and Modova.
- exchanging views and ideas on joint coordination of activities in regard to the EU, lobbying the Baltic and Nordic interest on the EU level. Following the Nordic Council's initiative "A Nordic Voice in the EU", the lobbying of Baltic and Nordic interests on the EU could be one of the focal points for cooperation. The EU Baltic Sea Strategy has been a very important tool for the Baltic Sea Region. Such topics as the EU Common Agricultual Policy and the EU Cohesion Policy for 2014-2020 and the revised fishery policy were actively discussed.
- follow-up of the NB8 Wise Men Report. This strategic policy document, which has been discussed during the previous Annual Summit in 2010, comprises 38 proposals on how the Baltic and Nordic cooperation could be strengthened.
- proposals on the priorities of the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council for 2012-2013, the Action Plan or the priority list for 2012-2013. Among the priorities there are the following issues: enhancing integrated and stable financial markets of the Baltic and Nordic countries, developing innovative and competitive Baltic and Nordic region, cultural integration and educational cooperation, health care and social policy, food safety, green growth:  sustainable transport, migration, trafficking in human beings.