Nordic Library Week

Already for the 12th time Latvian libraries prepare for the Nordic Library Week to be held on 9-15 November. More than 350 libraries from all over Latvia are involved in the project.  

War and Peace in the Nordic Countries was chosen as this year’s theme, in a tribute to the common history of Finland and Sweden. Year 2009 marked 200th anniversary since Finland’s separation from the Swedish rule. From the 13th century up to 1809 Finland was a part of Sweden, but as a result of the war between Sweden and Russia it became independent.  

In connection with the War and Peace topic, libraries are encouraged to organise events also in association with the Lacplesis Day which is celebrated on 11 November in Latvia. Likewise, general discussions on the theme of war in the modern world are highly welcome.    

Nordic Library Week’s poster can be downloaded from here.