The conference “Facing the Future: Museums of Decorative Art and Design” will take place in Riga on April 30 at the Hotel “Konventa Seta” (Georg’s Hall). The conference is organized in connection with the exhibition “Scandinavian Design Beyond the Myth”. The aim of the conference is to discuss the current situation and perspectives of the Museums of Design and Museums of Decorative Applied Art in the Nordic and Baltic countries and to promote cooperation between museums, designers and design organizations. The conference will take up issues relating to the attitude towards museums of Decorative Art and the meaning of the concept “design”. These concepts will be developed in a discussion on whether criteria for “good” design samples differ from country to country.

The conference will lead to an evaluation of the challenges of the Museums of Decorative Art and Design, and the elaboration of a development policy for design collections.

The Nordic and Baltic representatives from Museums of Design and Museums of Decorative Applied Art as well as the lecturers and moderators of the Nordic design workshops will participate in the conference. 

The conference is financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers.