The newest Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Finish children films will be seen at the 4th International Children Film Festival “Berimor’s Cinema” that will take place from March 14-20, 2005 at the Riga Congress Hall. The main target group of the festival are children from 7-14 years old. The films will be evaluated by a special jury of children and the best film will receive Berimor’s  Big Pillow from the jury. The favourite film of the whole audience will be awarded the Berimor’s Small Pillow. In 2003 the pug-dog Berimor Bregovic became the honoured chairman of the jury and since then the festival is named after him. Thanks to the old and rich children cinema traditions also this year the main part of the festival program consists of Nordic films.

This year "Berimor's Cinema" offers six Nordic films:

“Fia!”by Elsa Kvamme, Norway 2003, 103 min

“Immediate Boarding”by Ella Lemhagen, Sweden 2003, 88 min

“Nasty Brats” by Giacomo Campeotto, Denmark 2003, 85 min

“Olsen Gang Jr. - Goes Submarine” by Arne Lindtner Naess, Norway 2003, 95 min

“The Handcuff King” by Arto Koskinen, Finland 2003, 90 min

“Wallah Be” by Pia Bovin, Denmark 2002, 85 min

 The Festival takes place at the Riga Congress Hall.