10 top level projects to receive 100 MNOK from Nordic Energy Research

In the autumn of 2010 Nordic Energy Research launched the call Sustainable Energy Systems 2050 in Copenhagen in connection the organization’s 25-year jubilee. The aim of the program is to develop integrated solutions between renewables, low-carbon transport and grids & markets.
At the time of closing for pre-proposals 90 applications had been submitted to Nordic Energy Research totaling more than 1 billion Norwegian kroner. The spectrum of applicants covered the entire Nordic Region including Greenland and the Faeroe Islands. This is evidence that present and future energy supply is on the agenda in all the Nordic countries. In the first round 29 projectcs were invited to take part in phase two of the application process.
In the second evaluation round the 29 applications were submitted to a thorough examination by external international experts. In the end the board of Nordic Energy Research selected 10 projects for funding in the Nordic Energy Research Program Sustainable Energy Systems 2050. The ten projects cover solar energy, bioenergy, wind energy, smart grids, policy projects and projects in the field of transportation. A total of 100 MNOK is to be divided between 8 research projects and 2 industry projects. The project partners cover all the Nordic countries and come from leading research institutions at most of the top level universities as well as the industrial energy sector.
This type of true cross sectional and cross boarder collaboration provides an excellent base for creating Nordic synergies and inter-academic relationships and networks. Focusing on the energy system also allows for new research from PhD’s who have the opportunity to influence and further a strong tradition of Nordic collaboration in the field of energy. And as program manager Emma Petersson of Nordic Energy Research points out “this is the first Nordic approach to energy research from a systems perspective, but judging from the large number of applications and the variety of them, it is evident that this approach is something both the academic world and the industry has been looking for, for a long time.”
For more information on Sustainable Energy Systems 2050 and the individual projects please visit our website.
Nordic Energy Research in short
Nordic Energy Research is an institution within the Nordic Council of Ministers. The institution was established in 1999 in continuation of the Nordic Energy Research Programme (NEFP), which was established in 1985. The organization seeks to strengthen and develop the Nordic region as a leading knowledge region for new sustainable energy solutions and effective energy markets.
For more information please contact CEO Anne Cathrine Gjærde on + +47 99 23 94 05.