eScience Conference in Finland

The conference eScience will take place in Hotel Crowne Plaza, Helsinki, Finland, from 29-30 September, 2011 and is arranged as a part of the Finnish Presidency in the Nordic Council of Ministers. It is closely connected with the Nordic eScience Initiative (2011-2015) managed by Nordforsk. The participation is free of charge but requires a registration.
The conference looks at the key areas in eScience: e-infrastructures and cloud computing, research methods and tools, researcher training and education, green technical solutions, interaction between research, policy-making, business and industry.

The modern research requires strong support by its infrastructures: technical tools and instruments and socio-economic systems for organising and sharing knowledge. Today, ICT-based infrastructures are an essential foundation for all research and innovation.


With a proper scientific e-infrastructure, researchers in different domains can globally collaborate on the same body of data, finding new knowledge and insights. The use of new technology in research enhances inventions, innovations and solutions that discard discipline boundaries.

Taking up these opportunities challenges the academic and research communities and the innovation sector. How do we make the most out of the opening opportunities? What possibilities and benefits does the Nordic collaboration offer to the development of the e-infrastructures and the green technical solutions?

The conference is organized by the Finnish Ministry of Education and Culture, CSC - IT Center for Science Ltd. (Finland), the Finnish Ministry of Employment and the Economy, the Nordic Council of Ministers,  and Nordforsk. The conference is closely connected with the Nordic eScience Initiative (2011-2015) managed by Nordforsk.

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