In the spring this year the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia received applications from 40 persons within the program of the Exchange of Civil Servants. The Office supported 5 individual applications and 20 representatives from the group applications for the total amount of 17 305 LVL.

The grant receivers represent the Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly, State Regional Development Agency, State Probation Service of Latvia, City Development Department of the Riga City Council and Riga City Latgale Municipality, Valka District Council, Tourism Information Centre of Kraslava District Council, Education Board of Liepaja City and Tukums City Council.

The program provides an opportunity for each recipient of a grant to go on an experience-exchange trip to at least two Nordic countries. The following Nordic institutions will be visited: Secretariat of the Nordic Council, Prison and Probation Service of Sweden, Finnish Tourism Board, Nordic Centre for Spatial Development, Norwegian Institute for Urban and Regional Research, Ministry of Local Governments and Regional Development, Architectural Department of Őrebro (Sweden), Department of Health of Bergen (Norway), Municipalities of Helsingborg and Vadstena (Sweden), Storstrøm and Ålborg (Denmark), Bjerkreim (Norway) and  SouthOstrobothnia Regional Council (Finland).

On the initiative of the State Probation Service and with the support from the NCM, 4 experts from the National Mediation Service of Norway came to Latvia to lead a seminar for the staff of the State Probation Service of Latvia.