The annual Nordic Film Festival will be held in Riga from October 14 to 20. The programme will comprise the most recent and the most interesting Nordic productions, i.e. films made in Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. 

This cinematography has successfully attained stable positions in the global film industry as it has managed to develop its own language of expression by means of which to convey the current vision of the world. Nordic films offer a fresh viewpoint on accustomed things and form an integral part of any international film festival nowadays. 

During those seven days in October, the audience of the Nordic films can count on coming across the criticism of different social issues, intelligent ways to reach understanding between the individuals and a good dose of unique Nordic humour that is traditionally well received and close to Latvian mentality.

Nordic Film Festival is organized by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia and the International Centre of Cinema, Film Forum Arsenāls. The main support is provided by the Nordic Council of Ministers.