Video art exhibition [EN]CLOSURE (12/06-27/06)

A video art exhibition [EN]CLOSURE will be taking place on floating art galleries BETANOVUSS and NOASS on 12.06. - 27.06. 

The authors of the exhibition are Eva Olsson and Jonas Nilsson - a Swedish artist couple who work with contemporary art, moving image and animation in particular. From time to time they collaborate to create new video works.


Eva’s work consists of philosophical reflections on everyday life and social issues of the modern Western world. She is reconstructing familiar situations to create new insights to become short animations.


Jonas is currently interested in the issues related to the high and stressful tempo of the western way of life and increasing amounts of time and money spent by individuals on becoming successful, and the consequences of such achievements.

Last year Eva and Jonas were chosen to participate in the NOASS residency, supported by the Nordic Culture Point. The exhibition is a logical follow-up after their time spent in Riga.

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