16 steps closer to the Baltic Sea and its future

Nordic Baltic designers exhibition „16 steps closer” will be opened at October 13 at the Riga Arts Space. In the exhibition will be presentetd 16 brand-new ideas by well-known architects, industrial, fashion and graphic designers from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia especially for the Nordic Baltic Designers Events. The works devoted to  one common theme – the future of the Baltic Sea – will be exhibited along with their prior artistic creations. “The exhibition ”16 steps closer” is a project dedicated to the Baltic Sea – its ecology and its future. I am convinced that at least to some extent the identity of us who live around the Baltic Sea has always been shaped by its proximity.

We have invited designers and architects from each of the Nordic and Baltic countries to outline an idea of how they would like to improve the lives of the people on the Baltic seacoast. As of 13 October, when the exhibition is due to open, the sixteen visionary concepts will be open to public view. Sixteen steps – to a better Baltic Sea” recognizes Kari Korkman, curator of the exhibition “16 steps closer”.



Cecilie Manz (Denmark)
Johan Carlsson (Denmark)
Kaija Poijula (Finland)
Hannu Kähönen (Finland)
Björn Dahlström (Sweden)
Jessica Signell Knutsson (Sweden)
Helle Frogner (Norway)
Runa Klock (Norway)
Katrin Olina (Iceland)
Krads (Iceland)
Mare Kelpman (Estonia)
Martin Pärn (Estonia)
Rasa Baradinskiene (Lithuania)
Juozas Brundza (Lithuania)
Ieva Kalēja (Latvia)
Pēteris Bajārs (Latvia)

Media representatives and other interested persons are invited to a meeting with the exhibitions “16 steps closer” curator Kari Korkman and designers at Riga Art Space October 13 at. 15.30. Please submit your participation by phone 6720089 or e-mail inga@norden.lv