The contest for Energy students from universities in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia within the project “Energy++” of the Nordic Council of Ministers has concluded. The contest was carried out through the homepage www.moreenergyfun.com from November 15, 2005, until December 5, 2005, and was devoted to energy efficiency, energy policy and energy demand management in households in order to draw the attention of future energy specialists to issues which are declared the priority of EU energy policy.

The award ceremony was held on January 20, 2006, in Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia. The winners are the 1st place - A.Kamenders (RTU, Latvia), 2nd place - I.Bankauskas (VTU, Lithuania), 3rd place - L.Bušmane (RTU, Latvia), consolation prize – G.Žogla (RTU, Latvia).

The webpage created by the „Energy++” project was intended as one of the tools available to achieve aims of energy policy using international cooperation, exchange of best experience and information about developments of energy policy.