From March 17 until April 30 a glass and painting exhibition “Behind the Polar Circle” is open at the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia within the Nordic Spring program. The exhibition „Behind the Polar Circle“ includes works by Barbala Gulbe (glass), Madara Gulbis (paintings) and Madara Liepa (glass) inspired by Lapland. 

Lapland – a country which inspires with its clean and untouched nature, a country with mixed cultures – Lapps, Finns, Swedes, Norwegians and Russians.

Who actually lives behind the polar circle? And what kind of life is possible so far away in the North? These questions served as the main motivation for three Latvian artists to go on a creative trip to the North of Finland within the Nordic Council of Ministers‘ grant program „Baltic Sleipnir“.

With this exhibition, the authors want to express their love and respect towards the rough Nordic nature and fearless people who live in balance and harmony behind the Polar circle. “The message of our exhibition is the idea that peace and harmony can be embodied in any soul anywhere in the world” – say the young artists.

Nordic nature and animals/wildlife can be admired by their ability to bear cold and frost, amazing is their ability to enjoy the short summer and the Sun.

The exhibition includes paintings of relatively abstract landscape (Madara Gulbis); mosaics influenced by ethnography of ancient Samish culture (Madara Liepa) and glass in plastic arts inspired by the Nordic nature (Barbala Gulbe).