For the second year in a row the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia in close cooperation with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, the Embassy of Finland, the Embassy of Sweden, the Royal Danish Embassy and the Danish Culture Institute is presenting a Nordic cultural events’ programme „Nordic Spring”. This year the „Nordic Spring” takes place from March to June.

Last year the “Nordic Spring” began with a Scandinavian Design exhibition. Scandinavian design as a term appeared as an excellent example for cooperation, when 5 Nordic countries mutually cooperating (instead of competition) brought to the global art a new design concept. The idea of the “Nordic Spring” appeared in a similar way – each Nordic country contributes with their cultural events developing a common cultural program. Thus we can consider “Nordic Spring” being a tradition already.

There are 6 themes in the programme this year:  Visual Arts, Cinema, Literature, Music, Performing Arts, Identity.

Altogether 46 events are planned in the programme - concerts, exhibitions, films, literary evenings, seminars, conferences and other events.

The “Nordic Spring” has an unlimited target audience – each age group can find something interesting. One of the aims of the “Nordic Spring” is to maintain interest in Nordic countries alive, offer new impressions and information that could serve as a base for new cooperation ideas.

Already starting from March 6, the “Nordic Spring” will be seen on the streets in Riga attracting with its rich green colour and the first white spring flowers. Posters with the programme of the „Nordic Spring” will be placed at bus stops and on advertisement stands, as well as at the various places of the events. Information flyers will be distributed through “Narvessen” press kiosks, “Statoil” petrol station shops and locations of the included cultural events, various cultural exhibitions and other public locations.