Culture and Sustainable Development in the Baltic Sea Region - Culturability BSR Workshop in Riga

Culture for Sustainable Development is one of the Flagships under the EU Action Plan for the Baltic Sea Region. The aim of the project is to build knowledge on culture as a driver for sustainable development – and through showcasing and demonstration encourage multiplication of good/best/next practices for culture and sustainability in the Baltic Sea Region and from that develop a number of high quality high impact projects in the field. The focus of the project and its follow-up will be to build cooperation between core stakeholders within the creative industries, urban development and social innovation on efforts which use culture to integrate the environmental, economic and the social dimension of sustainability.

The project will organise workshops taking place between January 2014 and June 2014 in respectively Rendsburg, Schleswig-Holstein, in Gdansk, Poland and the third will be organized in Riga, 12-13 June, 2014. Focus of the workshop will be the Articulating High Quality – High Impact Proposals, integrating Urban development, creative industries and social innovation.  Recommendations and proposal from the process will be discussed at a concluding meeting among involved stakeholders in the fall of 2014. An innovation process format – allowing spontaneity, adaptation re-assessments of cooperation pathways and networking will be adapted. All along ideas and proposals will be facilitated to ensure that Culturability BSR will lead to a number of concrete, innovative and useful projects.The Flagship project is a partnership between The Nordic Council of Ministers, The Ministry of Culture of Poland and The Government of Schleswig Holstein. It is carried out in cooperation with The Danish Cultural Institute and The Swedish Institute, with primary funding from the Nordic Council of Ministers.