“The Anatomy of Exile” by Juris Kronbergs

Marking the publication of “The Anatomy of Exile”, a poetry compilation by the acclaimed poet and translator Juris Kronbergs, the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia and the publishing house “Mansards” organise a literary discussion taking place at the Office premises on 13/3 Marijas Str. (Bergs Bazaar) on May 14, 19:00.
Juris Kronbergs is renowned for his equally masterful literary contributions to two cultures – the Latvian and the Swedish. Having been publishing his works since the 1960s, he has rightfully become the principal translator of Latvian literature into the Swedish language while his own poetry has been widely recognized as well. 
The poems selected for “The Anatomy of Exile” were written between 1970 and 1991.

Along with the peculiarities of translation and poetry writing, Juris Kronbergs will speak on the role of poetry in exile and the creative challenges arising in a foreign milieu.  
The discussion on poetry and exile will be moderated by Imants Gross, Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ in Latvia.