The Symposium for Art and Renewable Technologies will be held on 13-16 August in Aizpute, Latvia. The symposium will gather around 30 artists, activists, technology experts, scientists and researchers primarily from Nordic and Baltic countries, as well as from other European countries.

Symposium participants will exchange their ideas and explorations that deal with renewable energy resources, alternative and ecological use of technologies and other sustainability related issues.

The symposium will address the following themes:

BIO / ECO-SYSTEMS: Environmental science and ecology - - -  Ecosystem research - Permaculture and biosystem design - - - Biomass as renewable energy resource - - -  Critical and alternative approaches to biotechnology

SOLAR ENERGY: Sunlight as constant energy resource - - - Process of photosynthesis - Solar energy technologies

OPEN SOURCE: Sustainability using open source / information approaches: in art and grassroots culture, ecology, architecture and environmental design

MYTH & LEGENDS: Historical traditions and modern alternative solutions - - - Cultural transformation: energy in nature and in city - - - Future visions of terrestrial energy 

The symposium will be taking place in the artists’ residency centre SERDE in Aizpute, a small town in Kurzeme region of Latvia. SERDE is located in an old wooden historical building where alternative and ecological approach in developing sustainable systems and renewable energy technologies can be explored and applied.

Symposium programme

The outcomes of the symposium - new projects, artworks, co-productions - will be presented at the international art and science conference ENERGY during the Art+Communication festival in Riga, October 8 - 10, 2009.
(Call for proposals for Energy festival and conference is currently open – deadline August 31, 2009.

Symposium is organized by the centre for new media culture RIXC with the support of Nordic Culture Fund:

Symposium blog updates: