Riga meetings

Two days workshops for Nordic-Baltic film professionals called Riga meetings will take place in Riga from 28 - 29 October, 2010. The Riga Meetings 2010 is a follow- up activity of the Nordic - Baltic film professionals meeting in Riga on October 2009. The main focus of the Riga Meetings 2010 will be developing and strengthening of Nordic and Baltic producers'networks, as well as follow - up the activities of Riga Meetings 2009.

Riga Meetings October 2009 looked at Nordic - Baltic collaboration within the field of film at wider perspective - what are the strengths and weaknesses of the existing collaboration, how to improve the collaboration, at the end of the meeting producing a number of conclusions and recommendations. One of the main conlusions of the Riga Meetings 09 was that there is a real need for regular meetings and networking among the film professionals in the Nordic - Baltic region.


Riga Meetings are supported by the Nordic-Baltic Mobility and Network Programme for Business and Industry.

Riga Meetings 2010 Agenda