ECO CHIC- Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion

From April 27 until June 5, an exhibition ECO CHIC- Towards Sustainable Swedish Fashion organised by the Swedish Institute is being held at the Riga Art Space, 3 Kungu Str. The exhibition displays the works of Swedish fashion designers who use environmentally friendly and ethical approach. As they still manage to follow the latest fashion trends, the difference between ecological and "common" clothes is barely visible. The ground principles of eco-fashion are manifested in the quality of textiles and raw materials and in the standards of manufacturing. Ecology and ethics run through the entire production process, from design until ready-made garments. Along with the exhibition itself, a number of seminars and creative workshops will be taking place. 

On May 15, the Swedish fashion designer Rickard Lindqvist will lead a workshop at the Riga Design and Art School – its results can later be seen at the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. The main idea behind the workshop is to manufacture clothes without any leftovers of the cloth, using the material up to 100%. The seminar will encourage new ideas and creative brainstorming.
On May 21, the Riga Art Space will host a public discussion "Latvian fashion design – sustainable development?" where local and foreign experts, designers, entrepreneurs and representatives from the education field will discuss the current situation, share their experience and appraise future possibilities.