World famous Swedish photography artist Anders Petersen coming to Riga

The Embassy of Sweden in Riga and Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Riga have the pleasure to inform that world famous Swedish documentary photographer Anders Petersen is to visit Riga January 26 – 27th, 2012. On January 27th, at 18:00 Petersen will hold an Artist’s Talk at the Riga House of Congresses Conference Hall. One of the most outstanding documentary photographers in Europé today will present his creative process and demonstrate pictures and film fragments. On January 26th Anders Petersen is scheduled to meet and review the portfolios of up to 10 selected Latvian contemporary photographers. This event will be held in the premises of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office, in cooperation with art magazine Fotokvartals. Anders Petersen made a success debut in photography art in late 1960-ies. One of his first series of works was made at Café Lehmitz in Hamburg where he documented scenes with drunk people, prostitutes, transvestites and lovers. In 1978 this series was published in a book which became a huge success. Since then over 20 other phography albums by Petersen have been published over the years, and the audiences enjoy his signature style in black and white prints. Petersen currently gives seminars and events all over the world and runs his own art studio in Stockholm, Sweden.