Learn more about the Latvian Blue cow

Latvian Blue cow breed, that has been officialy registered in Latvia before the Second World War, is an old local dairy breed, which survived thanks to the cows` ability to adapt to the modest feeding conditions on seaside-sandy soil, the temperate nature of cows, unique hair color and, of course, thanks to the breeders` enthusiasm. The original breeding region was the coastal area of Latvia (Kurzeme), but currently Latvian Blue cows are spred practically in whole territory of Latvia. NGO Livonian Agro LV received support from the Nordic Council of Ministers NGO program in year 2011 and developed an interesting publication Guidelines to develop conservation and breeding of rare animal breeds. In Latvia we can be proud not only on Blue cows, but also to the specific animal species as Latvian White pig, Latvian Brown cow, Latvian Dark-headed sheep, Latvian horse – draught type and Latvian Native goat. Publication is available in Latvian and English. www.livonianagro.lv/livonianagro/main.html
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