Newly formed Baltic cultural fund receives Nordic funding

The Nordic Council of Ministers has granted EUR 100,000 in funding to the newly formed Baltic cultural fund. This one-off sum will support the cultural fund during its start-up phase, support Baltic regional co-operation, and mark 100 years of independence for the Baltic countries. The intention is for the newly created cultural fund to use the money for joint Baltic initiatives in the Nordic countries.

“We would like to congratulate Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania on the successful establishment of the Baltic cultural fund. Cross-border cultural co-operation makes an invaluable impression on encounters between people and serves as an important foundation for understanding between people from different countries. The extensive cultural co-operation that we see right across the Nordic Region is unequivocal proof of this,” says Margot Wallström, who chaired the Ministers for Nordic Co-operation in 2018 when the decision was made to grant funding to the cultural fund.

Director of the Nordic Council of Ministers' Office in Latvia Stefan Eriksson emphasises: ”I’m really happy that the Nordic Council of Ministers with this support of the newly established Baltic Culture Fund is able to mark the Baltic states’ 100th anniversary. Our experience from the Nordic Culture Fund shows that we can be even stronger in promoting our culture through joint efforts. I’m certain that this contribution will make it possible for Nordic audiences to learn more about the rich culture of our Baltic neighbours.”

In planning their cultural fund, the three Baltic countries engaged in dialogue with the Nordic countries to learn how Nordic cultural co-operation works. Among other things, the Nordic Council and the Nordic Culture Fund have had discussions with the Baltic countries.

The Baltic cultural fund started operating on 1 January. Estonia is chairing the fund during its first year. This role will then rotate between the three countries.