Call for proposals: The joint Baltic-Nordic Energy Research programme

Nordic Energy Research is issuing a call for proposals for research project under the joint Baltic-Nordic Energy Research programme. The programme is open for both Nordic and Baltic countries and aims to strengthen the common Baltic-Nordic knowledge on future challenges and developments.

This call of 4,5 million NOK aims to support three research projects of up to two years in length. Each project can be eligible for funding of up to 1,5 million NOK for the project period up to two years.

The thematic scope of the call is limited to one (or more) of the four areas of key interest for the Baltic-Nordic Energy Research Programme:

* Decarbonisation of the transport sector

* Energy efficiency in buildings and industry

* Energy system analysis

* Challenges and opportunities for regional electricity grids

The scope of the call covers technical/natural sciences and social science-based research on energy. These projects should aim to address research questions from a Baltic-Nordic perspective, and to focus on regional perspectives or to solve questions that will result in added Baltic-Nordic knowledge.

Deadline: 11 September 2019.

More information can be found on the Nordic Energy Research homepage and on webinars on 19 June and 4 September 2019. The registration for this webinar is open now. 

Last year all three Baltic countries entered into the Baltic-Nordic energy research cooperation initiated by Nordic Energy Research (NER). The goal of the agreement is to improve cooperation in the field of energy and to find regional solutions for the creation of future energy systems. This means joint scientific research and exchange programmes for researchers and doctoral students.