Nordic PMs reinforce Nordic climate profile

The leaders of the Nordic governments will turn to the other countries’ of the world with a view to reaching binding agreement for global climate efforts to be given a prominent position on the political agenda in the years to come. The prime ministers will make a particular effort to build commitment at the highest political level in the run up to the UN's climate summit in Copenhagen.

"In Copenhagen we must reach agreement on a treaty which will show the way for achieving ambitious goals both in the short and the long term. Our goals must be followed up by concrete actions and policies which will contribute to the transition to green economies and sustainable development", stated the Nordic prime ministers in a declaration as a result of a meeting on 14 and 15 June on Iceland. 

The prime ministers anticipate opportunities to co-operate in reducing emissions of CO2 from the transport sector through increased energy efficiency and new energy system solutions. In addition, the prime ministers are calling for the prosperous countries to contribute with efforts for climate protection for the poorest and most vulnerable countries.  

The prime ministers will also strive to ensure that the European emission trading quotas are tied to similar systems in other parts of the world aimed at creating a global market for CO2.
Research in six main programme areas is at a premium, including energy efficiency, wind power and other sustainable forms of energy.

The Nordic prime ministers’ declaration on climate change

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