Power of Fragility

The works of the Latvian textile artist Iveta Vecenāne will be exhibited in Espoo Culture Centre October 30 November 12, 2012. The exhibition contains Iveta's new collection of tapestry where she develops her creative character, keeping her sense of monumentality and sumptuous colours. In her tapestry „Flight” Iveta conveys internal freedom of human being. Like in nature, like a flight of a butterfly. One can feel that the weaving for Iveta is a long and happy process, when thoughts and instant creative impulses are interweaved with yarn. Iveta says that during weaving this particular tapestry she abandoned herself to her internal freedom, personal trust and nuances of sounding colours, hoping that viewers will feel the same.
The exhibition will also include tapestry drafts, silk paintings and textile design decorations.
The exhibition in Espoo is supported by the Embassy of Latvia in Finland.