Nordic Stories’ Thursdays invites to Poster for a Fairy-tale

The fairy-tale “King’s New Clothes” by the great Danish story-teller Hans Christian Andersen has been turned into an unusual project by the sculptor Egons Peršēvics.
Come to the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office on 26 August at 19:00 and witness the making of „So he bore himself even more proudly than before, and the chamberlains went on carrying the train that wasn't there at all”. Venue: 13/3 Marijas Str., Bergs bazaar.

There are plenty of absurdities in the world which we accept for the fear of acknowledging our own ignorance. Like the king’s chamberlains, we are ready to marvel at the beauty of an unusual garment which in reality does not even exist, lest we should be forced to admit how foolish and incompetent we sometimes are.  
The aim of Egons Peršēvics’ work is to remind us of the fairy-tale which so humorously illuminates such fears and their consequences.
Although the fairy-tale was written century and a half ago, its significance has not diminished in the least - we live at the time when anything could be subjected to question while, instead, virtually everything is agreed with.
The audience is encouraged to participate in the discussion – by posing questions or/and opposing the point of view of the lecturer.
>> Nordic Stories’ Thursdays is a series of events organised by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia every last Thursday of the month.