The very last Last Thursday of 2009

Welcome to attend the very last Last Thursday of 2009 on 26 November!

This time we’ll try to round up the first two seasons of TV series Nordic Style (Ziemeļu puse) where program hosts Gustavs and Marta have been travelling all around the Nordic countries.

They went as far as the Faroe Islands and Iceland; they tried whale meat and “surströmming”; they visited eco-houses in Finland and drove e-cars in Oslo; and they met LOTS of sheep on the Faroe Islands…


So have they figured out the Nordic “formula of success”? We have invited the Nordic Style team to come and share their conclusions and show some of the selected video material.
Everyone with an interest in Nordic countries and/or travelling is invited. Others are welcome as well :) 


Time: Thursday, 26 November 18:00

Venue: Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office, 13/3 Marijas Str (Bergs Bazaar)

Nordic Style - it's a series of events ararnged every last Thursday of the month with the aim of bringing together all fans of the North in an informal, friendly and truly Nordic atmosphere. Good company and evening coffee/refreshments guaranteed.