Baltic Nordic Media Researchers meet in Kaunas

On April 18-19 at VMU, Public Communications Department at Vytautas Magnus University in collaboration with Baltic Association for Media Research (BAMR) and “Nordplus Neighbour” program projects “InterLinks10.Net: Nordplus Neighbour Network of Journalism Schools” and “Developing Nordic-Baltic-Russian Network in New Media Journalism Training” organized the workshop “Setting Comparative Baltic-Nordic Media Research Agenda”.

Issues discussed in the workshop address a wide range of media matters such as the relationship between the size of news market and proclaimed media policies, technological diffusion and changes in political communication as well as media performance. Important questions was addressed during the workshop: How global developments are reflected in the media of small countries? What is the impact of market-led reforms (liberal regulation, weak state) on media performance in a small country? Has the presence of the Scandinavian capital in the Baltic media had any impact on how journalists perform their jobs? Do the Scandinavian models of media self-regulation when applied in the Baltics help the media there to achieve consolidation?


On June 26 - July 5, 2008, Vytautas Magnus University and Representation of European Commission in Lithuania invites to the European Summer Academy “Reporting Europe from Home”. The Academy brings together journalism students and media professionals to a transnational setting in order to learn, analyze and report on European affairs. The lectures and workshops question whether a wide availability of online news sources (Internet media, online data-bases, blogs) offering different (alternative, critical, independent) views on EU policy-making could become useful means in overcoming national and cultural barriers in reporting about European affairs. Deadline for registration for the Summer Academy is April 30, 2008. For more information visit: