Photo exhibition “Water...” by Imants Gross

On 25 May, 18:00 photo exhibition “Water...” by Imants Gross will be opened at the Ventspils Theatre House „Jūras vārti”.

The exhibition draws attention to water as a self-evident part of our everyday lives – its presence in nature as well as its unsparing utilisation in our households.   

“Water...” is a critical reminder of the fact that at the current stage of global development, water as a natural resource has become endangered. Reality is harsh – already nowadays in many corners of the world fresh water is a scarce luxury that must be fought for every day.  

Nor can we easily assume that our children and grandchildren will have unlimited access to water. Most probably, our future consumption will have to be reduced to the minimum, as water reserves are bound to shrink.... Unless we start to change our habits of water consumption as of today.



Imants Gross (born in 1953, Sweden) is a diplomat of Latvian origin; since 2005 lives in Riga and heads the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia.