An open-air concert The Outer World Music in the Tiguļkalns

The World Music and Art Foundation begins its creative activities and invites you to the open-air concert of feelings “The Outer World Music at Tiguļkalns” on June 9 at 8PM. The author of the idea, composer and producer Raimonds Tiguls, has chosen the highest location of his home town Talsi – a hill surrounded by a circle of 19 oaks – to create a place where the world of sounds will be presented by both local and foreign musicians. This time there will be guests from islands: Iceland and Gotland. The idea of creating a place for a new kind of cooperation between local and foreign sound art authors and performers on the hillocks of Talsi, the native town of Latvian ambient and electro-acoustic music writer Raimonds Tiguls, is a natural continuation of the composer’s wanderings in the archeology of sound.

There one can find the sound provenance heard in the meadows of Latgale and the shores of Livs side by side with the voices and gamut found in the islands of the North. By the end of 2011, the outer world music ─ heard from a little further than the world ─ reached its audience in a record “Islands”. On June 9, it will move from the islands of the North to an ancient cult place, embraced by oaks, and will resound on Tiguļkalns in Talsi town, in North-West Latvia about 100 km away from the capital city.
Along with the sound of the North, both northern and local linguistic treasures will be audible there ─ ancient forms and dialects that have become a source of inspiration for various artists throughout the time. At Tiguļkalns, there will be Steindor Andersen’s (Iceland) consummated Icelandic vocal poems ‘rímur’. Their originality will be highlighted by the compositions created by composers Raimonds Tiguls (Latvia) and Hilmar Örn Hilmarsson (Iceland). There will also be the Gotlandic dialect ‘gutamål’ which lives in the compositions of Raimonds Tiguls by the voice of folk singer Gertrud Jakobsson (Sweden). A special place in the program will be given to our own indigenous Liv language, fusing the tones and semitones of the voices with the sounds of unique instruments: stone xylophone (steinharpa, recorded in Húsafell, Iceland) and
nearly cosmic instrument hang.
Local performers of vocal and instrumental music, who have already collaborated with Raimonds Tiguls prevously, will also participate in the concert. Among them are Kristīne Kārkle-Puriņa, Riga Saxophone Quartet, string quartet “Sinfonietta Rīga”, trio “Silk”, as well as lute ensemble conducted by Ieva
Šablovska, and others.
In case if you already have other plans for Saturday, June 9, the compositions from Raimonds Tiguls' album “Islands” will be also performed on June 5 at 7PM in Riga Cathedral's hall, where the northern sounds will echo in the centuries old concaves. This concert will be held in collaboration with the “Mans Doms” movement, whose goal is to revive the public importance of Riga Cathedral by appropriating a contemporary public value to this outstanding architectural and historic monument. For more information
see and
The organizers thank Talsi Regional Municipality, SIA Vika Wood, Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture, State Culture Capital Foundation, and Liepāja Culture Administration for their support.
For more information about the project and participants please visit website!