Need to strengthen Nordic-Baltic co-operation

The Gade-Birkav report on strengthening Nordic-Baltic co-operation was discussed with the authors and representatives for the Baltic Assembly at a meeting of the Nordic Council Presidium in Finland on 7 December. "The report has a broad scope from the practical issues to larger political questions. It is important that the Nordic Council supports closer Nordic-Baltic co-operation in the coming year which marks the 20th anniversary of the restoration of independence for the Baltic States," comments Per-Kristian Foss, member of the Nordic Council Presidium on the report.

The Gade-Birkav report presents a total of 38 proposals on how Nordic-Baltic co-operation could be strengthened. The report was written by the former Danish Minister of Defence, Søren Gade, and Valdis Birkavs, former Prime Minister of Latvia.


Wise Men's Report on Nordic/Baltic Co-operation