Nordic model - paving the way for united Nordic federation?

On 23 March 18:00, Riga Stradins University lecturer and Helsinki University doctorant Veiko Spolītis will talk about the historical aspects of the Nordic welfare model as well as other issues of Nordic cooperation in his lecture Nordic Model – paving the way for Nordic federation? Venue: Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia (13/3 Marijas Str., Bergs Bazaar). Since the 1950s the Nordic countries have been lauded as exemplary models of welfare states, where strong economic competitiveness and innovation is combined with generous welfare systems, social egalitarianism and equal opportunities for economic participation. In November 2010 a highly contested book United Nordic Federation by social analyst Gunnar Wetterberg from Sweden was presented at the Nordic Council Session in Reykjavik (Iceland). Is such an N5 federation model at all feasible?

On what premises do federal state structures rest? Andi f such a scenario becomes a reality, could the three Baltic states (3B) adjust their strategic goals accordingly?