Nordic Council Film Prize 2010

Five outstanding and very different Nordic films one from each of the Nordic countries, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden are candidates for the coveted NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE 2010. The prize, worth DKK 350,000, is given to a film which is characterised by being rooted in Nordic culture and of high artistic quality. It must also stand out through its artistic originality, and refine the many elements of film in a convincing and integrated work.

This year's five nominees are:




Director: Thomas Vinterberg
Scriptwriters: Thomas Vinterberg & Tobias Lindholm
Producer: Morten Kaufmann




Director and scriptwriters: Joonas Berghäll & Mika Hotakainen Producer: Joonas Berghäll




Director & scriptwriter: Dagur Kári
Producers: Thor Sigurjonsson & Skuli Fr. Malmquist




Director & scriptwriter: Sara Johnsen
Producers: Christian Fredrik Martin & Asle Vatn




Director: Tarik Saleh
Scriptwriters: Stig Larsson, Fredrik Edin & Tarik Saleh
Producer: Kristina Åberg



Hanne Palmquist, CEO of the Nordic Film & TV Fund, which administers the prize on behalf of the Nordic Council said  "This is the seventh time we are awarding the NORDIC COUNCIL FILM PRIZE and it is very gratifying to see that once again we are able to gather a field of five very different films of high artistic and international quality. New films are produced every year that, despite our small language area, make their mark extremely well both within and outside the Nordic countries. This year's film nominations have been screened at major international festivals such as Berlin, Venice and Toronto and have subsequently sold widely abroad. It is therefore also a pleasure that we are able again this year to show a package of five fantastic Nordic films to audiences in cinemas in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland during the autumn."

This year's winner will be announced on October 20 and the prize will be presented at the Nordic Council's autumn Session in Reykjavik on Wednesday November 3rd.

Information on the Nordic Council film prize: