Known and the unknown about Nordic countries

In celebrating 25th anniversary of Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Latvia, the program “Known in the Unknown” hereafter will continue to discover the Nordic countries. #NordicBaltic25

Which countries beside the harsh climate and wild natural landscapes have the most developing societies in the world? Where the dynamite was invented? Where the coffee is consumed the most and, where horses have a special gait? From the 24th March, 2016 in cooperation with Latvian Radio 1 program “Known into Unknown” we will discover known and unknown about Europe’s Northern countries. Already on March 24 the first broadcast will be aired about Finnish and Latvian cultural and linguistic ties.

First broadcast will be about Finland – closest northern country to Latvia with similar history and traditions. However, the linguistic and cultural links to Latvia and Finland are close. What role in this has painter‘s Janis Rozentals name and how Latvians and Finns exchanged with different words and gramatic rules?

About the links of language and art between Finns and Latvians in the broadcast of “Known in the Unknown” will be discussed by linguist, associated profesor of Faculty of Humanities of University of Latvia, head of Centre of Lithuanian Studies, associated profesor  of University of Helsinki Laimute Balode and representatives of Rozentals Society in Finland Jenni Kallionsivu and Tero Savolainen.