EU in the foreground at the Nordic Council Session

The Nordic Council’s 61st Session will be held from 27 – 29 October 2009 in the Swedish Parliament (Riksdagen) in Stockholm. The theme for the summit is the Nordic Region and the EU.

On Monday 26 October, before the session gets going in earnest, a meeting of Nordic and Baltic (NB8) prime ministers will be taking place, as well as a high-level Climate Seminar at which, amongst others, Sweden's minister for the environment, Andreas Carlgren, will take part.

The summit meeting between all the Nordic prime ministers and the leaders of the major opposition parties will set the tone for the annual session on Tuesday 27 October. Later in the evening, the winners of the Nordic Council prizes for literature, music, film and nature and the environment will be honoured.  

Participants of the session will debate on tighter co-operation in foreign and defence policies, on the combat of trafficking in human beings, on research, health and other spheres of common interest.

During the three days of the Nordic Council Session, the Swedish Parliament will gather lots of prominent guests: PMs, leaders of the opposition parties, as well as a number of ministers and politicians from all over the Nordic Region.

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