Exhibition “Observations and Interpretation” by the Finnish artist Inari Krohn

From Desember 10, an exhibition "Observations and Interpretations" by finish artist Inari Krohn is being held at the premesies of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Office in Latvia. Finnish artist Inari Krohn has had a long and versatile carrier up to the top of Finnish graphic art. She started with political drawings but already in 70 ties turned to classical nature themes in water colour and graphics. In graphical works by Inari Krohn landscapes exchange with the motives and colours of exotic countries. Graphical works look like being done in water colours and they irradiate fantastic mystery without being naive.  From 1995 to 1998 as the professor of graphical art Inari Krohn delivered lectures at the Art Academy of Finland. She has written two biographical books and has illustrated the book written by her sister Leena Krohn. Inara Krohn says about her exhibition “Observations and Interpretations”:
Most often interrelation with nature is at the basis of my works. In the course of work observations change their form and in the result the work differs from the initial observation. Observation is the point of reference which turns into interpretation. Interpretation comprises also other elements – memories and feelings. For me nature is one indivisible whole from which I take some parts and put into my emotional experience. Forest, sea, plants, trees, animals and sometimes also people become part of my works. Big elements and small details join together. I like abundance of small details. Methods of graphics give a chance to stuy details. The scale changes, the big turns into the small.
I work on the basis of associations. My works are multilayered. Several parts are joined to make the whole in the result. Graphic works are being built from the tiles which I have a lot in my works. There are also many layers in them. It is a slow hand-made work. In the working process there is enough time for thinking and reaching the result. Often it differs from the initial point of reference. Unpredictability of graphics is also exciting for the artist himself. Observations become the object of observation for others. The author tells about his experiences and reveals them to the spectator. The spectator interprets them in his own way.
With my works I want to tell about nature and about us people as a part of it, about the variety of forms and the wealth around us. Apart from shelter and food the nature gives us also emotional experience about something wider. Nature has been worshiped as a sacred element and through centuries it has been a source of fairy tales and legends. This feature of nature is in my works. In this respect I join the story tellers.”