Environment, safety and security on BSPC agenda

Parliamentarians from the whole of the Baltic Sea Region will gather in Nyborg, Denmark, on 31st August – 1st September for the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference (BSPC).
Environment, safety and security will be the main topics on the agenda.
“We must not allow the current economic crisis to be used as an excuse for cuts or delays in environmental work in and around the Baltic,” in the run-up for the two-day conference says Christina Gestrin, the President of the BSPC, a member of the Presidium of the Nordic Council and a Finnish MP.

The BSPC Climate Group will submit a report to the conference containing 25 proposals to the governments around the Baltic. The main recommendations consist of cutting CO2 emissions, increasing the proportion of renewable energy sources and using energy more efficiently. 

As the safety and security of the people of the Region are of the utmost importance to its development potential, the Nyborg agenda will also include regional co-operation to prevent human trafficking, drug trafficking, internet crime, environmental disasters and pandemics.    

More about BSCP: http://www.bspc.net/