Call for applications for minority language media in Baltic countries grant program

The Nordic Council of Ministers is encouraging media outlets and freelance journalists across Baltic states to apply to 2018 round of funding through the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Baltic Media Grant Scheme.

The grant scheme will support the creation of high-quality media content related to minorities in the Baltic countries. Open to journalists in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia, media grants will cover reasonable travel, accommodation and communication costs related to the selected story, as well as a modest honorarium.

Freelance journalists and editorial offices of media outlets registered in one of the three Baltic States may apply for a grant of up to €10.000 for a maximum duration of one year. Deadline for application: July 19, 2018. The total sum available for grants is approximately 1.600.000 DKK (or 212.000 EUR) for years 2018-2019.

The main objective of the grant scheme is to increase quality and attractiveness of local, regional and national media in the Baltic countries, with a special focus on inclusive content in minority languages and ethnically diverse regions.

All funded projects have to be freely accessible to a national or global online audience without any access barriers such as paywalls or registration. The grant allows for full editorial independence and the Nordic Council of Ministers shall not exert any influence on the editorial decision-making of the media production.

The current program is a continuation of a successful 2017 round of minority media grants program.  In 2017, 22 projects were granted EUR 150 000. 5 projects were approved in Estonia, 9 projects in Latvia and 8 in Lithuania. The awarded projects have received an endorsement from significant Russian and Polish language media outlets such as Delfi, ETV+, Radio 4, Radio Znad Wilii, Novaja Gazeta Baltics, Rigas laiks and many others.

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