Additional application round for cooperation between Nordic and Baltic civil servants is now open

An additional application round of the Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Public Administration will be open for applications on August 27 to bring civil servants in the Nordic and Baltic countries together to learn from each other and share experiences. Deadline for submitting applications is 15 October 2018.

In spring 2018, 49 applications from the Nordic-Baltic region were approved for grants with a total budget of 262 539 EUR. Latvian applicants received funding for 11 projects. Civil servants from Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, Cēsu and Baldone municipalities, Ombudsman's Office of the Republic of Latvia, Concert Hall "Great Amber", Latvian Prison Administration, Welfare Department of Riga City Council, Zemgale district court, State Forest Service, Information Centre of Ministry of Interior, Court Administration will participate in the projects granted by the mobility programme.

The purpose of the programme is to promote and strengthen cooperation, exchange of knowledge, and networking between public administration structures on all administrative levels in the Nordic-Baltic Region. The programme aims to facilitate the harmonization of more efficient working methods in the public sector. The overall goal is to increase the global competitive power of the region.

In order to obtain funding, projects should involve partners from at least three countries: Nordic applicants should visit a minimum of two Baltic countries, while Baltic applicants should visit partners in at least two Nordic countries. Applicants and host organisations should be part of the public sector - public authorities and institutions at all administrative levels: state, county, regional or local level.

The electronic application system at is open for applications from September 2018. Contact person in Latvia Daina Mežecka,  +371 2939439 /

Programme Coordinator Madis Kanarbik, + 372 7 423 625 / Languages: English, Swedish, Estonian.