The Swedish Paper Workshop 2008

The 4th Swedish Paper Workshop is arranged by the Artistic Hand-Made Paper Workshop Association and will take place at Iggesund Paperboard mill in Sweden from 17 till 26 April, 2008. Iggesund Paperboard, with 1000 employees, makes carbon and belongs to Holmen Group in Sweden.

The Artistic Hand-Made Paper Workshop Association invites 10 artists, architects or designers - 5 from the Baltic States and 5 from Sweden - to participate in 10 days workshop together with Swedish paper artist Inger Drougge-Carlberg. The workshop will end with 3 weeks exhibition in gallery "316 kubik" in Hudiksvall.

If you would like to participate, please send five (5) digital photography or slides of you art works together with CV in English before February 29, 2008 to Artistic Hand-Made Paper Workshop Association, Inger Drougge-Carlsberg, Långgatan 17, 82452 Hudiksvall, Sweden or by e-mail

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