The internationla premiere of the documentary Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up in Riga

War Sum Up is an ultra-contemporary audio-visual spectacle that fuses classic warrior texts from Japanese Noh theatre with warmongering manga graphics, surreal costumes and a live music mash-up of contemporary choral music, electronica and melodious chamber pop. War Sum Up is devised and created by Kirsten Dehlholm (Denmark) - one of the most exciting stage auteurs today in collaboration with the Latvian National Opera, the Latvian Radio Choir and an international team.

The new documentary Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up is produced by Theresa Benér and Peggy Eklöf from Sweden. Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up offers plenty of music and scenes from the production, rehearsals and backstage work at the Latvian National Opera and in Copenhagen. The film features exclusive in-depth interviews with the creative team: Kirsten Dehlholm, librettist Willie Flindt, composers Santa Ratniece, Jamie McDermott and Gilbert Naouno, conductor Kaspars Putnins, costume designer Henrik Vibskov and light designer Jesper Kongshaug.
People who watch this film gain inspiration and new knowledge about the rich potential of 21st century stage and performance art. The international premiere of the documentary Hotel Pro Forma Sum Up will be held in Riga on June 5 in Latvian National Oper New hall.