Latvia in the 2009 Nordplus Network Programme

In June the results of the Nordplus Framework Programme 2009 were announced. Latvian education establishments and organisations submitted 22 project applications, receiving support for 16 of them. All in all, Latvian schools, universities, adult learning institutions and organisations are taking part in 72 Nordic-Baltic projects.

A total number of 544 applications were received in the 2009 Nordplus Framework Programme application round. Among these, 403 projects have been approved and will share the total sum of approximately 8 million EUR. The total sum applied for was 24 million EUR. 

Judging from the programme statistics, four of the Nordplus participant countries – Estonia, Iceland, Latvia and Lithuania – have shown fairly similar interest in leading the projects, whereas the most fervent project coordinators came from Finland and Sweden. However, partner institutions attracted to the Nordplus programme by the coordinating institutions are equally important – they can acquire new experience, adopt best practices and novelties and thus strengthen a unified Nordic-Baltic education area.

In the Nordplus Junior programme, the winning projects from Latvia had been submitted by Jelgava Secondary School No. 4, Sigulda Primary School No. 3,  Ādaži Free Waldorf School, the Education and Sports Department of Valmiera City Council, Riga Zolitude Grammar School and Skujene Primary School.   

From the Nordplus Higher Education network, the following institutions were supported: Vidzeme University, the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Latvia, the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga, the State Border Guard College, and the Latvian Academy of Sports Education.

Three Latvian participants were approved by the Nordplus Adult Learning programme:  the Association of Latvian Oral History Researchers „Life Story”, Rite Folk High School, and Kuldiga Coordination Centre of Cultural Projects.

Within the Nordplus Horizontal programme, support was granted to the Bauska Development Primary School as well as to the Riga Education and Informative Methodological Centre.  

More information on the supported projects and project participants:

The Nordplus Framework Programme is the Nordic Council of Ministers' most important programme in the area of lifelong learning.  It offers financial support to a variety of educational cooperation within the area of lifelong learning among the eight participating countries in the Baltic and Nordic regions.